AB Courtyard® Collection

Frame your patio, create a seat wall, or fashion an entry monument with any of the Allan Block Courtyard Collections. The Courtyard colors and styles partner with your Allan Block retaining walls, in corresponding colors, to create a beautifully cohesive outdoor living space.

Allan Block Courtyard

This original style in the Courtyard collections has clean lines, tight seams, and exceptional craftsmanship for a beautifully textured wall with a cut stone look. Available in Granite or Hickory Blend colors (see below).

Here are additional tools to reference to make your project efficient:
* To quickly estimate the amount of materials needed for your project, use the Allan Block Estimating Tool.
* For simple patio layout options, review the 12 pre-designed patio packages and their How-To-Sheets.
* Click here for Allan Block CAD Design Details.

For additional resources and information, visit the Allan Block website.

Actual samples should always be viewed before making a final selection.

Shapes & Colors


AB York

L: 7″ (front & back) W: 9″ (front) 7 1/2″ (back) H: 6″ (front & back)

AB Dublin
L: 7″ W: 16 1/2″ H: 6″
AB Courtyard Corner
AB Corner Block
L: 7″ (front & back) W: 15 1/2″ (front) 15″ (back) H: 6″ (front & back)
AB Courtyard Cap
AB Wall Cap

L: 10″ (front & back) W: 9 1/4″ (front) 7″ (back) H: 3 1/2″ (front & back)




Technical Information