AB Europa® Collection

The AB Europa Collection offers a variety of patterns to capture the essence of rich, hand-laid stones using one block or a combination. The Abbey Blend utilizes all sizes of AB Europa and brings Old World distinction to any landscape.

AB Europa is not recommended for step applications unless sealed after installation with SB1300 or SB7000.

To quickly estimate the amount of materials needed for your project, use the Allan Block Estimating Tool. To view a variety of Allan Block literature, visit the Allan Block Literature page.

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Actual samples should always be viewed before making a final selection.

Shapes & Colors


AB Dover 01

AB Dover
L: 17 5/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 7 7/8″

AB Palermo 01
AB Palermo
L: 8 7/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 7 7/8″
AB Corner
AB Corner
L: 15 5/8″W: 7 3/4″H: 7 7/8″
AB Barcelona 01

AB Barcelona
L: 17 5/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 3 15/16″

AB Bordeaux 01
AB Bordeaux
L: 8 7/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 3 15/16″
AB Cap Unit 01
AB Cap Unit
L: 17 5/8″W: 12″H: 3 5/8″


Technical Information