Grid & Fabric

GRID product will retain your walls giving it strength by reinforcing the soil behind it. Depending on your project, we have several to choose from.

  • AB Grid – AB Reinforcement Grid is a high strength polyester mesh geogrid that is coated with a black protective film. AB Reinforcement Grid has been specifically designed and packaged to conveniently serve the landscape retaining wall market for Allan Block retaining walls up to 6ft (1.8m) in height.  The grid rolls are biaxial and are designed to simply “roll out” along the wall with detailed guidelines on every roll.
  • Stratagrid – Stratagrid geogrids reinforce soil with their high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester yarn. The yarns are precision knitted into a dimensionally stable network of apertures providing tensile reinforcement capacity in both principle directions. A black UV stabilized saturation coating provides further chemical and mechanical benefits.Stratagrid geogrid is mechanically and chemically durable, in the installation phase, in aggressive soil, or in aqueous environments. Stratagrid is produced in multiple strengths in order to provide the most efficient design possible. Stratagrid has been proven in the lab and by its installation in literally thousands of applications over the past decade.Stratagrid was designed to be a reinforcement material that is easy to install in the field. It can be cut by hand for precise shaping. The apertures of Stratagrid are highly dimensionally stable, a critical factor in assuring that the tensile strength of the product is mobilized without excessive deformation. This geometric stability also makes Stratagrid particularly appropriate for use with segmental retaining wall units.


FILTER FABRIC, in your paving system assists in maintaining soil separation from the base layer.

Mirafi 140N – This 140N geotextile fabrics provides the required strength and abrasion resistance to withstand installation and application stresses to create an effective, long term drainage solution. The 140N fabric is chemically stable in a wide range of aggressive environments.  This fabric can withstand installation stresses with high puncture and tear resistance.



Gator Fabric GF4.4, Non-Woven geotextile is ideal for drainage, filtration and will allow water flow in a paver or retaining wall applications. Its staple fibers are used for soil separation and drainage. They combine high durability along with excellent physical and hydraulic properties. It is non-biodegradable and resistant to most soil chemicals.