Marion Ceramics Vee Brick

Marion Ceramics has evolved into a leading manufacturer of thin veneer brick – producing its Vee Brick product line without any brick sawing and providing industry-leading efficiency.

The shift away from traditional brick (full bed depth) masonry is being driven by economics and can provide tremendous cost savings. Foundations and structural members can be down-sized because of reduced weight. In addition, buildings incorporating thin brick panels lend themselves to earthquake tolerant construction features.

Marion Ceramics’ Vee Brick products are available in a broad spectrum of beautiful colors, which are all compatible for color coordinating and/or contrasting design statements. Their palette of colors includes eight nine tones and one ironspot to make up the Vee Brick Classics colors. Five colors make up the Vee Brick Rustics line. The Vee Brick Rustics products are naturally flashed using reduction firing techniques perfected over decades – no artificial look that often comes with chemical flashes.

Five basic body colors are available in the Tumbled Brick made from standard face brick produced as part of our Vee Brick product line. The five basic body colors are available in both flashed and unflashed colors.

View the full line of Marion Ceramics’ thin Vee Brick colors and styles.