The look of brick, the price of block

The Enduring Benefits of ReadyBrick
ReadyBrick, a new product from Reading Rock, is a structural veneer that offers designers the durability of concrete masonry, the cost-efficiency of single-wythe construction, and the rich appearance of brick. This CMU alternative is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Are you ready for ReadyBrick?
If you could cut construction time in half, dramatically reduce material costs, and impress your clients with the appearance of their concrete masonry, would you? Experience the simplicity of a beautiful finish in a one-step application.

Why ReadyBrick?
In light of increased pressure of cost efficiencies in commercial and residential building today, ReadyBrick exceeds structural requirements with an elevated aesthetic appeal—inside and out. This progressive material features hollow cores to allow for insulation to boost energy efficiency or placement of grout or rebar. ReadyBrick offers designers a more cost-effective way to deliver to their clients the rich finish of brick.

Shapes & Colors


L: 16″  W: 4″  H: 8″
L: 16″  W: 12”  H: 8″
802 Line Block Stretcher
L: 16″  W: 8”  H: 8″
1203 Breaker
L: 16″  W: 12”  H: 8″
H-472 Stringbean
L: 16″  W: 4”  H: 4″
L: 16″  W: 12”  H: 4″
L: 16″  W: 8”  H: 4″
804 Window Corner Sash Combo
L: 16″  W: 8”  H: 8″
212 Brick & Half
L: 8″  W: 4”  H: 4″



Discover the benefits of ReadyBrick for a successful project, every time

Durability and performance
ReadyBrick is manufactured with an integral water repellent to help prevent moisture penetration, wicking, and mold and reduce the appearance of efflorescence.

Pure, permanent color
Integral color pigment is consistent throughout, with no post-applied colors that fade or wash off, for long lasting beauty.

Wide selection of rich shades
ReadyBrick is available in multi-color blends.

Design versatility
Over 12 sizes in typical bed depths, heights, and fittings meet most design requirements.

Precision surfaces
Reading Rock’s unique custom mix design produces clean, crisp edges and a tight smooth surface.

Energy efficient
Cored and profile design allow for insulation, re-bar and grouting options.

In the wall cost savings
Less than colored split face CMU and typically 20% – 30% below cavity wall, clay masonry and other wall systems. Finished appearance inside and outside, 2 for the price of 1.

Fast, reliable delivery
Purchasing direct ensures ease of ordering and on-time delivery. Our local customers receive next-day delivery with 24 hour notice for in-stock items and special orders deliver in 4-6 weeks.

Reading Rock customer service
With more than 70 years of manufacturing experience, we deliver the right products on time, every time.

Quality Assurance
At Reading Rock, we never relent on our tireless pursuit of excellence—from initial examination of raw materials to the complete manufacturing process, installation and maintenance. We recognize that the best way to ensure quality is to control each step of the process with our own quality focused team. We maintain stringent control of raw materials, enforce reporting and documenting quality control processes, supervise all aspects of production, implement an official quality and plant certification process, and conduct ongoing testing in our internal lab led by our in-house professional engineer.


Delivery, Storage, and Handling

ReadyBrick units will be delivered on pallets. Handle units carefully to avoid breakage and damage. Store pallets stacked only one pallet high, under non staining waterproof covers. Allow covered cubes to be ventilated to prevent condensation and temperature changes.

Specifications and Installation

When installing ReadyBrick, it is important to continue ensuring the same level of quality assurance that Reading Rock applies to manufacturing. Begin by creating a mock-up by constructing a masonry wall panel to represent the exterior wall. Minimum sample panel size is 4 ft. square. Include reinforcing, minimum of one control joint, one outside corner, joint profile, and mortar color. Secure acceptance of mock-up by Architect/Owner’s representative before proceeding with installation.

After approval, follow these general guidelines:

Refer to NCMA TEK Bulletins to install ReadyBrick and for control joint placement and details. All ReadyBrick is manufactured to exceed ASTM C-90 specifications and follows typical masonry installation guidelines. All TEK Bulletins relating to installation and design can be found online in our product specification. Additional detailing and design considerations are also available in the “ReadyBrick specification” or “e-TEK Manual.”

  • Pull units from multiple cubes during installation to help with color blending.
  • When ordering material, please allow for waste and saw cutting in your material estimate.
  • Make joints 3/8”unless otherwise indicated in drawings.
  • Use N or S type mortar when possible.
  • Sealing is not required.
  • Cover freshly installed ReadyBrick with waterproof materials for protection.


Successful projects depend upon clean installation. Follow these instructions to clean surfaces during installation.

  • Clean in process by dry brushing to remove mortar fins and smears before tooling joints.
  • After mortar has set and reached initial curing, within 7 days, remove large mortar particles by hand with wooden paddles and non-metallic scrape hoes or chisels.
  • Cut out any defective mortar joints and holes and re-point with mortar.
  • Protect non-masonry surfaces from contact with cleaning solution.
  • Begin cleaning ReadyBrick by thoroughly wetting surface, working with small sections at a time, from top to bottom.
  • Scrub with non-metallic brush.
  • Immediately rinse with water.
  • Do not use high-pressure cleaning methods.
  • Refer to separate installation instructions for adjustments necessary for project conditions, reinforcements and anchorages, tolerances, and movement joints.

Technical Information


PDF icon ReadyBrick Brochure