Thin Brick

We provide several styles and colors of thin brick. Each manufacturer has their unique offering. Click on links below for their full offering and details.

Meridian Authintic Brick – Authintic Brick by Meridian™ Brick is a genuine clay thin brick that can be easily installed onto practically any substrate. Product has been used on all types of projects from interior design upgrades to exterior commercial applications in the harshest climates.

King Klinker is manufactured with innovative modern designs at high quality standards. You have unlimited design options available for any project when designing with King Klinker’s beautiful thin brick. Facade together with complementary elements define and create the complete image of any building. Thin Brick is the dominant material and so requires appropriate finishing touches. Consequently King Klinker has created a wide range of sizes, textures, edges and brick back structure to choose from.

Three King Klinker Color Series Available:
Ultra Premium

Summitville Brick – America’s leading floor brick producer, offers Thin Brick in 19 colors. Each color offers a wide range of shades. Thin Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven characteristics. The wire cut surface is offered in 14 colors and the rustic Landmark Series is offered in five colors. All thin Brick can be ordered precision sized for the tightest tolerances. Factory applied waxing is also available for ease of installation and clean up.

Cultured Stone® – Inspired by the warmth of old brick structures Cultured Stone offers two distinct styles of thin brick. Both hand-made to add warmth and charm to your project.

Marion Ceramics – The Vee Brick product line is extruded under high vacuum and hard fired to produce a high quality dense product. Using the finest clays, shale and other raw materials which are fine ground to produce a smooth wire cut texture.