Top Tier Stone & Veneer (Natural)

Sourced directly from the quarry, Top Tier Stone is split and saw cut to a thin veneer giving you the quality natural stone you want. One of the greatest advantages to thin veneer is the weight. A stone ledge is not needed so the design ideas are endless and the veneered stone can be used on almost any project.

Stones will be in random heights that are determined by the seam thickness that naturally occurs in a quarry formation. Veneer thickness ranges from ¾” to 1-1/4”. Material is available on pallets and yields approximately 200 square feet of flats and 50 linear feet of corners per pallet.

NOTE: Top Tier Stone is also available in full bed depth pieces in bulk or on pallets. Approximate coverage for the stone in full bed depth thickness is 30-35 square feet per ton.