Aged Oak Wood Plank Pavers

Aged Oak Wood Plank - Timber Ridge
Aged Oak Wood Plank - Timber Ridge

Aged Oak Wood Plank Pavers provide endless benefits and a timeless look.

The wood plank style pavers are unlike any we’ve produced before. Each piece mimics wood pulled from an old barn in Kentucky where we were able to find the perfect aged oak texture. There are six different molds used to create the variety of patterns on the pavers which allows for a versatile, natural, and rustic look that could make anyone believe it is real wood. The Aged Oak Wood Plank Pavers will bring beauty to any project big or small, and will last for years to come.

Aged Oak Wood Plank Paver is for pedestrian foot traffic only. 

Sealing is required for this product and should be applied no less than 28 days after date of manufacture. The pavers must be dry, clean, and free of oil, grease, dirt, stains, and efflorescence prior to sealing. We recommend sealers not be applied when temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when applying sealer. Use sealers that are breathable and designed for concrete products. Depending upon the type of sealer used the sealer can enhance or deepen the color of the concrete paver.

Cleaning with a pressure washer voids warranty.  Do not use a plate compactor.

Reading Rock paver products are manufactured to meet industry standards and are thus de-icing salt resistant;  however, caution should be used when applying de-icing chemicals and excessive use should always be avoided as it may cause damage to the paver surface.  Additionally, Reading Rock recommends using calcium based products or rock salt only.  Do not use magnesium based products as they are very aggressive and may cause damage to the paver surface.

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