RockCast Lightweight Series

The Lightweight Series stone pieces are produced with a foam core encased by an engineered concrete coating and by adding engineered anchors for quick and efficient installation. Lightweight Series pieces will typically weigh 60%-80% less than other products depending on its size and thickness.  Overall project costs are reduced because the structural steel requirements are eliminated or minimized. 

A Variety of Design Options

RockCast's Lightweight Series attributes allow for versatile design options, limited only by your imagination, and can be used on new or renovation projects where full masonry is not feasible.  Reduced material weight not only provides the ability for more creative design accents, but also reduces equipment needed for installation; thereby reducing the labor costs to ensure the project stays on budget.

Installation Advantages

• Durable
• Lightweight
• Fireproof (when fully encapsulated)
• Engineered anchoring system
• Shop drawings provided like cast stone (no field cutting)
• Multiple attachment techniques

Performance Specifications

• High compressive psi strength
• Low absorption rate
• Can be used near grade

Frequently Asked Questions about Lightweight Stone

1.    What is the best use of the product and the application?
       •    Where the structure will not support the weight of traditional masonry/cast stone/precast.  Where there is not a shelf angle or steel to carry the masonry/cast stone/precast (large cornice trip, surrounds, banding).
       •    Thin adhered masonry (thin brick, cultured stone) and more decoration is needed for accents and banding.  Typical adhered masonry installations should be less than 15 pounds per sq.ft.  This Lightweight Stone product allows for more detail and mass for the trim and still be less than 15 pounds per sq.ft.
       •    Cost effective substitution for GFRC and FRP with a natural finish similar to natural stone products.
2.    Are there limitations to the shapes and length?
       •    Lightweight Stone is fully customized to the designer’s expectation.  Typically the pieces are designed to be less than 100-125 pounds so that 2 men can easily install the piece.  Lengths would be 24 to 48 inches in length.
3.    How much does the product weigh?
       •    The larger the piece the less it weighs compared to full size cast stone/precast.  Typically the weight will be 60% to 80% less than full size product.
       •    Depending on the size of the shape, a good average is 6 - 8 pounds per sq.ft.
4.    How is the product installed?
       •    With a simple mortar adhesive and engineered anchoring system of clips and screws.  These products are noted on the setting drawings and shipped with the product at time of delivery. 
       •    The joints are mortar-less and finished with a backer rod and sealant similar to a control joint.
5.    Who typically installs the product?
       •    A mason contractor, tile setter, plaster contractor or carpenter.
6.    What colors are available?
       •    Most monotone colors.
7.    What is the specification and in what section?
       •    Section 047300 lightweight stone masonry.
8.    What is the warranty?
       •    Product is warranted to the original owner to meet the published performance specifications.
9.    Is the product less expensive than traditional cast stone/precast?
       •    Depending on the shape of the piece, it could cost more or less.
       •    Typically the installation labor is significantly less expensive than traditional masonry.
       •    When designed in an application that allows for the reduction of steel and building structure, the system can be significantly less expensive than traditional masonry.
10.   Will the product hold up in the event of a fire?
       •    Class I or A when fully encapsulated.


Handling and cleaning information can be found on our Field Reference Guide under Information Downloads.

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