2cm Porcelain Tile Pavers

Porcelain Tile pavers in the outdoor space is a growing design option.  Porcelain Tile pavers offer an outstanding solution for balconies, patios and terrances, and rooftop decks.  Designed to guarantee high resistance, easy use, and an amazing aesthetic affect, the options for 2cm Porcelain Tile are endless.

Why choose Porcelain Tile for your outdoor project?

* Learn about the many advantages achieved by choosing Porcelain Tile

* Learn how easy Porcelain Tile is to clean and maintain.

* Discover the intended uses for any outdoor environment attributed to Porcelain Tile’s high aesthetic and technical characteristics, adaptability and function.

* Discover the installation versatility of Porcelain Tile to overcome site challenges.  View installation ideas here.

* Kronos’ Re-Qualify System is a new philosophy, approach and mission, to minimize the environmental impact in remodeling as well as new construction projects by:

Reducing or fully eliminating the use of adhesives and setting materials;
Reducing or fully eliminating the use of water;
Reducing or fully eliminating any waste resulting from the production cycle.

All of the above provide for a more environmentally friendly production cycle and the consequent significant results of both energy and economic savings.

Depending on your application, there are installation options.  Learn more about Gator Tile‘s innovative installation system.  If your application requires pedestals, learn more about Eterno’s adjustable pedestal systems.