AB® Collection

AB® Collection

As the perfect blend of performance and style, the AB Collection has long been a favorite among wall builders. These blocks stack beautifully and create a smooth, fluid finish for every wall, while delivering on the promise of maximum performance. Build impressive landscape walls from many combinations of shapes and colors.

To quickly estimate the amount of materials needed for your project, use the Allan Block Estimating Tool. To view a variety of Allan Block literature, visit the Allan Block Literature page.

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For more information, visit the Allan Block website.

**Actual product samples should always be viewed before making a final selection on texture and color.**

Shapes & Colors


AB Classic
L: 17 5/8″W: 11 13/16″H: 7 7/8″
AB Classic Corner
L: 15 5/8″W: 7 13/16″H: 7 7/8″
AB Jumbo Jr.
L: 8 13/16″W: 9 1/2″H: 7 7/8″
AB Lite
L: 17 5/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 3 15/16″
AB Junior Lite
L: 8 7/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 3 15/16″
AB Cap
L: 17 5/8″W: 12″H: 3 5/8″


Technical Information