Mortar Collection Device

Masonry Drainage Devices are designed to catch and hold mortar droppings while allowing moisture to pass through and drain out of the wall.  KeeneStone™ Cut is a three dimensional drainage device for masonry cavity wall applications.  The product suspends mortar droppings above the weep holes to prevent the drainage channels from becoming blocked or clogged.  Available in 0.5” cut1” cut, and 2” cut.


* Commercial and residential masonry cavity walls
* Commercial and residential masonry cavity walls with additional insulation
* Stone cavity walls

Features and Benefits

* Guaranteed to stop moisture from clogging weep holes when properly installed
* Simple installation with no mechanical fasteners required
* WILL NOT GROW MOLD; prevents fungus and mildew
* Polymer core is resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents
* Perfect width to suspend mortar droppings above weep holes, but below the flashing connection to the interior wall