Sakrete Type S Masonry Mortar

Sakrete Type S Masonry Mortar is a contractor grade mortar/stucco mix for load-bearing as well as above and below grade applications.

  • Contractor grade mortar mix.
  • Smooth, buttery blend for laying brick, block and stone in load-bearing walls above and below grade level.
  • Just add water.

Availability of products may vary by region.

Sakrete 5000 Plus Concrete Mix

Sakrete 5000 Plus Concrete Mix is a professional grade, high strength product formulated for commercial structural applications.

  • Professional strength 5000 psi for commercial structural applications and superior durability
  • Exceeds strength requirement of ASTM C 387
  • Excellent for concrete countertops and other concrete decorative items
  • Build walks, drives, slabs and steps
  • For applications requiring at least 2 inches in thickness

Availability of products may vary by region.

Sakrete Sand Mix

Sakrete Sand Mix quality mixture of sand and cement designed for the overlaying of damaged concrete, and for use as a bedding mix for flagstone, slate or brick.

  • Use as a bedding mix and joint grout for flagstone, slate and brick walkways.
  • Use as a topping mix to rejuvenate damaged concrete surfaces.
  • Can be applied in layers ranging from 1/2 to 2 inches.
  • Exceeds strength requirement of ASTM C 387.
  • Just add water.

Availability of products may vary by region.

Lehigh Portland Cement

Lehigh produce gray cement, white cement, custom colored cement and blended cement. The majority of our cement is used in the production of ready mixed concrete. But our cement is also used in the manufacturing of precast concrete products, pipes and blocks and in the oil well industry. Portland cement is the primary ingredient in nearly all cements used in North America today. Limestone and other minerals are combined in a chemical process that includes crushing and grinding, burning, and finish grinding. Through this process, Lehigh produces various types of gray portland and masonry cements which meet or exceed ASTM International standards. Click the links below for additional information.

Lehigh Masonry Cement

Masonry cement from Lehigh is proportioned and packaged under laboratory-controlled conditions, taking the guesswork out of mortar mixing and ensure consistent results from batch to batch, project to project. Lehigh’s masonry cement products fit any application or need: masonry cement, mortar cement, portland cement-lime, white masonry cement and colored masonry cement.

Colors & Specification


Type S Mortar 01
Sakrete Type S Mortar
5000 Plus 01
Sakrete 5000 Plus Concrete
Sand Mix 01
Sakrete Sand Mix


Lehigh Portland Cement

A general-purpose portland cement suitable for all uses where special properties of other types are not required; uses include pavements, sidewalks, reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, railway structures, tanks, reservoirs, culverts, water pipe and masonry units. Available in 42.6 kg (94-lb.) bags and bulk quantities.

Type IA portland cement incorporates small quantities of air-entraining agents, which are ground into the cement during the manufacturing process. Available in 42.6 Kg. (94-lb.) bags and bulk quantities.

This portland cement meets ASTM C 150 for either Type I or Type II requirements. Available in 42.6 kg (94-lb.) bags and bulk quantities.

Type II portland cement offers moderate heat of hydration and sulfate resistance, for applications where sulfates in ground waters and/or soils are higher than normal, or in mass concrete work where heat of hydration is a concern. Available in 42.6 kg (94-lb.) bags and bulk quantities.

Type III portland cement provides high early strengths during concrete curing, allowing forms to be stripped earlier or the structure to be put into service quickly. Available in 42.6 kg (94-lb.) bags and bulk quantities.

Type V portland cement is principally used where soils or ground waters have high sulfate contents. Available in 42.6 kg. (94-lb.) bags, and in bulk quantities.

Typically used for oil well grouting, commonly referred to as cementing. Oil well cements are made from portland cement clinker and have characteristics that allow a controlled slower setting time while being resistant to high temperatures and pressure. Lehigh Hanson offers these premium cements in several locations in North America.

Technical Information


PDF iconESSROC Mortar Cement Brixment Datasheet