Part of the Americana Collection™, the Plymouth® paver is also available in 6cm depth to provide an option to create drama and contrast with your chosen field pavers.  Create a unique design or border your project with any color from the Plymouth series.

The Plymouth pavers are produced by Oberfields using their Dura-Denz (face-mix) technology resulting in a paver that is durable with a smooth, aggregate-free, and extra-hard surface.

NOTE:  Color selections should always be chosen from actual product samples. All Americana Collection pavers require a buffer between the plate compactor and the paver surface to prevent scuffing.

Shapes, Colors, & Patterns


L: 4″ W: 8″ H: 2 3/8″


Running Bond_0
Running Bond
90 Herringbone_0
90° Herringbone
Basket Weave_0
Basket Weave