RockCast Lightweight Series

The Lightweight Series stone pieces are produced with a foam core encased in a 5/8″ proprietary limestone composite shell.  Lightweight Series pieces will typically weigh 70% less than other products depending on its size and thickness.  Overall project costs are reduced because the structural steel requirements are eliminated or minimized.

Introduction to Lightweight & the track installation system.

A Variety of Design Options

RockCast’s Lightweight Series attributes allow for versatile design options, limited only by your imagination, and can be used on new or renovation projects where full masonry is not feasible.  Reduced material weight not only provides the ability for more creative design accents, but also reduces equipment needed for installation; thereby reducing the labor costs to ensure the project stays on budget.

Installation Advantages

• Durable
• Lightweight
• Engineered anchoring system and mechanical attachments
• Compatible with other cladding systems, including thin brick and stone
• Shop drawings (no field cutting)

The Lightweight Series’ clip and track system attaches to studs allowing for fine adjustment when positioning stone during installation.  The system is engineered to carry wind loads and stand up under seismic conditions.

Performance Specifications

• High compressive psi strength
• Low absorption rate
• Can be used near grade
• National Fire Protection Association Test 285 (when fully encapsulated)

NFPA 285 Tested

RockCast Lightweight Series, when fully encapsulated and used in a wall assembly, passes NFPA 285.  Meeting this stringent requirement has become increasingly important with the propagation of continuous insulation (ASHRAE 90.1 Cl) and the increasing need for multi-component cladding systems.  This is particularly true for masonry veneer systems.

Handling and cleaning information can be found on our Field Reference Guide under Additional Information.

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