Professional® Water Sealant is a unique penetrating water repellent which is manufactured using room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber as the active ingredient. This high performance “gun grade” silicone rubber was developed for use by the military during World War II to meet applications requiring superior durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. It’s use provides all formulations of Professional® Water Sealant with performance characteristics that far exceed those of other penetrating water repellent technologies.


Additional Performance Characteristics

  • Breathable (allow for moisture vapor transmission)
  • Penetrating (lines the substrates pore structure)
  • Transparent (dries clear and flat; may slightly enhance some substrates)
  • Withstands wind driven rain
  • Provides masonry structures with protection from damage caused by:

– Freeze-thaw cycles
– Efflorescence
– Calcium Carbonate stains
– Mold
– Acid rain
– Chloride Ion penetration

Available in Three Strengths

Professional Products of Kansas, Inc. manufactures three strengths of Professional® Water Sealant that provide superior protection for all types of porous, above-grade building materials.

PWS-5 Regular
Hard fired brick, poured concrete, most horizontal surfaces

PWS-8 Extra
Very porous brick and concrete, stucco, sandstone and limestone

PWS-15 Super
Split face, fluted, expanded shale and other extremely porous block

Technical Information


PDF icon Professional Water Sealant & Anti-Graffitiant Brochure