Thin Architectural Stone Veneer

Our Thin Architectural Stone products can be produced to be installed using an adhered method, tie & clip support panel systems or using the IBP Fast Track Stone pre-engineered system. Our thin products provide you with the flexibility to design the look of full bed depth masonry on any indoor and outdoor wall, and on the ceiling.

Fast Track System™
The Fast Track pre-engineered masonry support system does not require a concrete footing to support the weight of the masonry. This feature alone can yield considerable savings.

The system weighs as little as 14 pounds per square foot. It is easily designed into new projects using conventional construction techniques or attaches to most structures using existing wall studs.
See structural guidelines for guidance and detailed drawings also available.

The Fast Track pre-engineered system can help builders achieve LEED objectives. Aluminum channels and clips have at least 25% post-consumer recycled content, and the entire system can be dismantled and re-purposed as a building’s uses change.

Shapes & Colors




The patent-pending Fast Track Stone system consists of:

  • extruded aluminum support channels
  • flexible centering cushions
  • aluminum support clips
  • screws
  • shims
  • backer rod
  • sealant

Installation is, literally, a snap. Once the starter channel is installed, transition channels are secured from bottom to top – ending with a top receiver channel with an integrated drip edge. The stone units themselves slide or click into place for a sturdy, secure fit. To complete the installation, backer rod is set in each joint and sealed with silicone. Sealants are available in a variety of attractive colors.

Select Fast Track Stone Installation Manual under the “Additional Information” tab for more details.

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Fast Track Stone
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Fast Track Stone

Adhered Process


Tie & Clip Support Panel System

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